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Holi Celebration

When there’s a woman there’s magic, talking about magic the festival of magic is round the corner!!This Sunday i.e. 8th March,2020 team MAD scheduled an activity to Prem Dham Aashram on this special occasion of Women’s Day and ofcourse wishing them a Very Happy Holi!!The Team distributed juices and fruits to all at the Aashram and had a lot of chit chat with our friends there!!It was a super fun filled activity and all the volunteers enjoyed their hearts out!!

Clean Up at TEA GARDEN

Our team at Making a Difference by Being the Difference (MAD) undertook a successful community sensitization and cleanliness program at Dehradun iconic tea gardens. The campaign began on Friday of last week, where students visited neighbouring homes of the citizens who live in area adjoining Dehradun’s tea gardens. After two successive days of interacting with the local people, MAD volunteers were able to get enough support from them for their clean-up drive scheduled on Sunday. On Sunday morning, close to two dozen MAD volunteer first assembled at Astley Hall, their activity meet up point and then headed towards the tea gardens for the clean-up drive. On reaching the tea gardens, local people who had shown interest in participating were already present over there and they along with MAD members cleaned a considerable stretch of the tea gardens.
Not only the local people, but also the passers-by, including the Parshad of the area complimented the ongoing efforts at sanitation and some of them even offered to participate in the same.
The garbage that was collected included plastic carry bags, packaged plastic, vegetable waste among other non-recyclables. An effort was made by MAD members to segregate the collected waste and to impress upon the locals to segregate their wastes and to not carelessly dispose off the same.

Republic Day Celebration

“Himmat watan ki hum se hai, takat watan ki hum se hai, is kaum ke hum rakhwale hain”

This Republic Day, Team MAD organised a clean up drive in a section of Doon’s beloved river Rispana. Clean up drives have been one of MAD’s fundamentals, regardless of how unhygienic, filthy and odour smelling site it is or even how difficult it is to get in them!

The central motivation for today’s drive being held at a section of the Rispana riverbed was to sensitise the residents of the site and specially the youth, for helping the perrineal streams of the valley to flow in its full glory and not keep it in a state of complete apathy where it would be used only to dump waste or effluents and hence termed as “Nala”. As residents, we need to ask ourselves the questions:- Is it not our responsibility to save our natural resources?

Should the youth, the backbone of this society, not be playing their role towards the rejuvenation of their valley’s rivers?

The clean up drive was attended by numerous highly motivated youth, spirited for doing their bit in cleaning the almost dead river. The activity was captivating and the volunteers enjoyed doing the work. It was also satisfactory to observe old members breaking the ice with the new ones and working as one team!





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